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Registered: 07/15/08
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At the end of the lease, we don't want to renew the lease for our tenants. Does anybody have a sample of what we need to write to them or are there any specific things we need to mention?


Registered: 01/20/07
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You really don't need a form for this.  You simply have to write a letter to the tenants saying that you have chosen to not renew their existing lease.  Please vacate, remove all belongings, clean the unit, and return the keys by xx/xx date.  Keep a copy for yourself.  IN a week or so, send a letter describing what you expect them to do when cleaning the unit (how you want them to leave the unit), to reinforce the idea.

The only time when you can't just do a letter for this is if you happen to be in a rent controlled area or in a state that doesn't allow you to terminate except for cause.

Registered: 04/07/08
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This site has a lot of free forms.

Registered: 04/28/09
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Thanks guys!!


Registered: 06/30/10
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In California, can a landlord serve a tenant with a notice on intent not to renew a fixed term lease?


Registered: 01/20/07
Posts: 3,566
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In California, can a landlord serve a tenant with a notice on intent not to renew a fixed term lease?

Is the unit in a rent controlled area?  If so, there are strict rules on terminating a tenant.  Contact the rent control board to see the rules for terminating.  If the unit does not fall under rent control, there should be no reason why you can't send notice that you don't intend to renew.  Remember that if the tenant has lived there for a year or more, you need to give at least 60 days notice of intent to have them vacate.
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